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Kwality Photonics Pvt Ltd which is the Parent Company is India's largest producer of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), LED Displays & Opto Electronic Products. Kwality is not only the Pioneer, being the First Indian Company to have successfully established LEDs production in India but also commands the highest market share in domestic sales due to the reason of being led by noted Scientist Engineer and expert in LEDs - Mr. Vijay Kumar Gupta as the CEO who is associated with LED Manufacturing Technology for over 30 Years with reputed Institutions like IISC, BARC, TIFR and Central Electronics Ltd. Kwality is a Technology & Quality Leader due to its ability to deliver state of art products, and also having ISO 9001: 2008 and consistently achieving near 100% yields, and which has enabled them to offer over 600 types of LEDs, LED Displays & LEDs for Lighting at the most Competitive Prices and Best Value for Money.

The Optoelectronic products include LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes), LED Displays, LED Lamps, IREDs (Infrared Emitters), Photo Transistors, Photo Detectors, Flasher LEDs, HI Voltage LEDs, Low Battery Indicator LEDs, Hi-Flux LEDs, LED Clusters and Filament Lamp retrofits. Kwality Photonics PolyWa LED series deliver highest globally produced lumen efficiencies. PolyWa 3W 280Lumens, 1W 130lumens, Half-Watt 5630 65Lumens, 2835W -24Lm, & 3528- 8Lm LEDs & COB LEDs, come with single bin  uniformity in brightness & Color value, all at globally unbeatable prices. The PolyWa 5630 LEDs are ideal for retrofit applications, aimed at substituting 60W bulbs, 36 W CFLs . This Power LED have a copper slug placed right under the LED chip to provide the shortest path for the heat and have the lowest thermal resistance in their class which has become possible due to the ability of being and MANUALLY SOLDEREABLE. The 8Lm PLCC3528, 110Lm KLSL505W, 100Lm/W 5~50 Watt COB LEDs LEDs are its latest Offer for Tube light , Down Light & Floodlight industry with aggressive pricing.

The LED display's manufactured at ISO9001 & C-Dot approved plant of Kwality Photonics Pvt Ltd, consist of Single Digits, Dual Digit, Multi Digits, Alphanumeric, Dot-matrix, Light Bars, Bar graphs, Arrays to meet demand from high end users for high intensity GaN White, Blue, Green AIGaAs- Ultra bright Red and AlInGaP Super Bright yellow etc The Group established in 1966 and employing more than 250 workers started off with manufacture of Lamps and Lamp components etc. The LED Displays manufacture started in 1987 after successful indigenous R&D.

This background enabled Mr. Vijay Kumar Gupta to produce LEDs successfully in India & earned him recognition in the form of honours like: 

  • President: ELCINA- Electronic Component Industries Assn(2000) ( 
  • President: Electronics Industries Assn. Of A.P (1998-9000) 
  • Member DEITY Workgroup on Materials & Photonics 
  • Member CSIR- NMITLI Core committee for General Lighting Service 
  • Member ECM- Energy Conservation Mission – Inst of Engnrs 
  • Managing Committee member –IETE , Hyderabad. 
  • Member- BEE Committee on LED standards.
  • Member -BIS standards committee ET23 (LED sources) & ET24 (LED Luminaries) 
  • Chairman 2012-2014 CII-BYST Hyderabad. 

Mr.K.V.K Gupta’s stewardship also enabled Kwality Photonics Pvt.Ltd to achieve milestones in the form of awards like:  

  • Winner TOP BRAND AWARD in LEDs by EFY READERS 2012
  • SSI-ENTREPRENEUR OF YEAR- 1994 by Hyderabad Management Association
  • Awarded “Best New Products of AP – 1995” by FAPCCI  
  • Best ENTREPRENEUR of RR Dt. – 1999 by AP Inds.Dept.  
  • Best ENTREPRENEUR of AP State – 1999 by AP Inds.Dept.

Kwality  is also involved in CSR activities like: 
1. Member Energy Conservation Mission, Inst of Engineers, Hyd, TS. 
2. Helped electrify 150Lambada Homes in Gadwal, Mahboobnagr Dt, TS. 
3. Helped 100% electrify three tribal villages in Sattenapally, Khammam Dt, TS. 
4. Serve as Chairman Core Committee, Bharatiya Yuva Shakti Trust.
5. Member- Lions club international, Walkers International, Vasavi clubs International that, serve the needy of the society. 
6. International Secretary 2012– Walkers International (642 affiliated Clubs).

The Kwality Photonics Pvt. Ltd is the first approved Indian source for DoT & CDOT. Almost every recognized Indian electronics company is our. The LED DISPLAYS manufactured at the CDOT approved and ISO 9001:2008 certified plant of Kwality Photonics Pvt. Ltd consist of  Single Digits, Dual Digits, Multi Digits, Alpha Numeric, Dot-matrix, Light bars, Bar graphs, Arrays and Backlights for LCDs. The above mentioned products are available in sizes varying from 5mm to above 300mm. Every color in visible, UV and IR is available in Bright, Super Bright and Ultra Bright intensities. Hi Luminescence, Hi Power White LEDs are our current specialty. The company has also successfully met custom requirements of industrial users by developing special Light Bars and Pilot Lamps as Filament-Lamps-retrofits that resulted in reduced costs, improved power saving and aesthetics for its customers.
The raw materials used for manufacture are sourced from impeccable vendors in JAPAN, TAIWAN & USA to ensure uncompromising quality inputs. The work force is mostly post-ITI and is well trained on a continuous basis to churn out consistently high quality products. The specifications are constantly upgraded in tandem with fast evolving developments at Global level and Prices are frequently revised downwards to pass on to the customers the benefits of improved productivity and savings resulting from quality improvements. Due to large domestic demand, the exports are kept to a minimum.

The Kwality group is now the largest manufacturer of LED Displays in India. The company has ventured into semiconductor packaging with foreign companies with buyback contract. The Management feels that India can offer very qualified technical personnel at wages lower than that of mainland China. The Kwality group is ambitiously poised to become a global player and looks forward to service your needs to utmost satisfaction.
LEDchip Indus Private Limited is an off-shoot of Kwality Photonics that is commercially producing the White LEDs for the FIRST TIME in India for application in Lighting & BLU for monitor displays. 
Our new venture is based on the IP & technology developed by our CMD Shri K.Vijayakumar Gupta. We have developed  processes for producing Phosphor Coating based White LEDs. 

Activity of the LEDChip Indus: The company ‘LEDchip Indus’ has setup up its first phase of Global scale production facility to produce 250Million LEDs ATMP per month Plant at Hyderabad under ESDM MSIPs program with an estimate of Rs.11Crore. 

The LEDs manufactured in this plant are LM-80 certified.
Our technology, developed for small scale production with Mono-chromatic LED machinery line, is now being expanded to Global-scale production facility and we have developed innovative techniques in Phosphor  mixing, dispensing and coating processes. 

The challenge is to achieve high degree of uniformity in transfer of phosphor content onto the LED chip which is more difficult than dispensing uniform volume of the medium, and to develop process algorithm to offset the time dependent changes in viscosity over time and compensate the powder gravitating down with time. We already have in place, process flow stages with characterisation steps built-in at critical stages & critical times, and we plan to invest in multiple measuring equipment as needed around pre-curing stage.

VISION: To be India's First & No:1 GLOBAL SCALE LED manufacturer.

CONTRIBUTION to MAKE-IN-INDIA MISSION & India's technology Security: India is woefully lacking in SEMICONDUCTOR MANUFACTURING sector. Over last four decades, unsuccessful attempts were made in setting up of Semiconductor packaging plant, in Delhi, Mumbai, Gujarat, Srinagar, Chennai etc of which three were for LEDs and rest for discrete Silicon components. 

The Company’ LEDchip Indus’ will attempt to impart a level of confidence, with the help of clear roadmap & deep understanding of the technology & markets of LEDs, that will make India to be reckoned as viable destination for the investments in Semiconductor ATMP field.

DEMAND for LEDs in India: Our Country needs 70Crore bulbs every 3 years, which alone consumes 1400Million LEDs. Government Programs of DELP & UJALA & STREET LIGHTING SLNP robustly drive the demand for LEDs. In adding the demand from all lighting companies, the market size of Indian LED Industry may touch Rs 21000Cr by 2020 on the back of government's decision to switch to LED for all street lamps and public space lighting ( Frost & Sullivan Report 2015).


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