KLHP3433WE 220-280Lm

INR 25

LEDchip Indus produces popular 3 Watt 3.5 Volts POWER LEDs which emits 280Lumens @700mA, Cool White 6000-6500K CCT (Color Corelation Temperature). LEDchip Indus Power SMD LEDs 3Watt is an excellent high power LED used for solid sate light applications. This emitter with silicon lens technology provides the good life and can be reflow soldered at 260°C. The light output decay less than 10% at severe stress conditions (700mA, 85°C ,85%RH) proves high reliability. Due to Phosphor technology the White and Warm white show good color stability (less than 50K shift with Tj at 100oC) Due to special lens design user gets uniform light with any secondary optics. LEDchip Indus REFLOW GRADE High Power LEDs White Color 3Watt Emitting 280 Lumens at 700mA - 100pieces.For detailed specifications website visite website visite www.ledchipindus.com

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