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KLSL2835W 0.2W 60mA 26-28Lm

3.2 Volts, 0.2 Watts 28-30Lumens @60mA; Cool White 6500K CCT (Color Corelation Temperature); The KLSL2835W from LEDchip Indus in Power SMD LED category, are ideal for EVERY APPLICATION be it Tube Lights, Downlight, Lanterns& even Street Lights!; These 2835 SMD LED’s have emerged as strong contenders for down-lights, bulbs as they bring down the costs of power LEDs by whopping 40%. With LPW (Lumens per Watt) of 28 and enhanced reliability, they help in bringing out mass use LED LIGHTS WITHIN RANGE OF TRADITIONAL LIGHT SOURCES. Lanterns& LED LIGHTS WITHIN RANGE OF TRADITIONAL LIGHT SOURCES.visit website: www.ledchipindus.com

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