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LEDchip Indus holds the dream dearly - that - LET EVERY LED LIGHT HAVE A INDIA-MADE-LED inside. LEDchip launched SMD LEDs 2835 package made of advance LED chip, Substrate & Materials inside, which result in brightness exceeding all the SMD LEDs in its class - all at a surprising PRICE point. The 9V 100mA 1 Watt LEDs at 5700K, 6000K, 6500K range with CRI of Ra80 deliver a 140 lumens. The WHITE LEDs from KWALITY are POWER LEDs with High reliability, Anti Sulfuration, Low Depreciation, LM80 approved. Main applications are 5STAR Bulbs , Batons & Panels & Street Lights. Send your enquiry mentioning the quantity to obtain best prices GVRao 9848458935 sales@LEDchipindus.com Making EXCELLENT LEDs in India since 1987. India's LEADER in LED manufacture with LM80, CDOT, CACT and BIS certifications. " CORPORATE AWARD FOR PERFORMANCE IN ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS -2016 " from IETE.

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