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Ledchip Indus introduces yet another product enhancement for the 3030W 1Watt 150mA LEDs in130/140Lumens , this bring our 3030W Power SMD LED on par with world class LED Brands yet with affordable Indian price. KLSLS3030W CRI 80 150mA LEDs in 130/140 Lumens deliver exceptional brightness thanks to the specially designed lead frame profile and improves heats dissipation of the device. Devices using LEDchip Indus’s SMD KLSL3030W CRI80 150mA LEDs can be used for applications with higher currents thanks to their low thermal resistance rating. The 150mA ratings is very convenient for designing drivers and can be used with any 0.5W LEDs like 5630W & 2835W. What’s more, the same driver can be used & number LEDs halved LEDs in soldering costs itself. LEDchip Indus Power LEDs 1Watt 3030 CRI80 White Color Emitting 130/140 Lumens at 150mA - 4000 pieces website visit www.ledchipindus.com

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