LEDchip Indus Pvt Ltd are Most Popular SCINTILLA LEDs The Extra- Bright 2835W LEDs 9V 100mA 130-140Lm 80Ra3V 60mA 28-30Lm 80Ra Right LEDs For BEE-5STAR BULBS & TUBE' Contact 7207074339, 9848458935 sales@ledchipindus.comwww.ledchip.in

Great Opportunity ! Upgrade your Bulbs & Batons to BEE-5STAR Category with 155 Lumens/watt SCINTILLA SMD 2835 LEDs at NO_EXTRA_COST!9V 100mA 135-145Lm 80Ra3V 60mA 28-30Lm 80Ra (it's right time to 'Indianise' the only non-indian part of bill-of-

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